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Building live video applications just got easier with LiveSwitch.
LiveSwitch Server Documentation
Massively scalable live video API and SDKs. Reach millions of end-users with ultra low-latency streaming. Deploy to AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, or any Linux/Windows box.
LiveSwitch Cloud Documentation
LiveSwitch Cloud is serverless, hosted in the cloud with a real-time analytics and telemetry dashboard. Streamline everyday DevOps and Support Team workflows and make every second count.
Client API References
Deprecation Notice
Starting from version 1.20.1, the LiveSwitch Windows installer is deprecated. This means that future server releases will not be available through the installer method.
We strongly recommend that you transition to using Docker containers for LiveSwitch deployments on Windows. Docker offers a more lightweight, portable, and secure way to run LiveSwitch Servers.
The benefits of using docker containers include simplified deployments and updates, consistent environments across development, testing, and production, isolation of applications, and reduced system overhead.
For detailed instructions on using Docker containers with LiveSwitch, please refer to our documentation.
We understand that this change may require adjustments to your deployment process. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team.